Monday, June 22, 2009

Gorgeous Escorts Make The Luckiest Charms

Our redheads are redder, and well red all over, our brunettes are darker, tanner and more luscious, a Vegas blonde is blonder not dumber and when our service features an exotic or Asian princes you’ll want to place a crown on her head when she is finished showing you her wares.

Call the service, talk to an operator who knows what you’re looking for the moment the phone rings. Our operators know you want to anonymous, that you want your credit card bill to be generic and that you want a hottie who can turn your fantasies into a reality. And that’s what will happen.

You’ll thank your lucky stars, lucky charms, fairy godmother or the rabbit’s foot in your pocket when a Vegas escort finishes her time with you. Watch the hot shower water run down the curve of her back or off her near perfect breasts. Enjoy seeing a blonde escort lather up with soap bubbles that will make you wish you were one of the bubbles.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Seen Any Vegas People Lately

I have been working the early shift at a club in Las Vegas for the past month so I have had my evenings free to explore Vegas and people watch. This really could be a great reality show. Imagine thousands of people who have never got to do what they want before, add alcohol and watch out. Vegas is in itself the best circus act in the world. Got any fucked up Vegas people stories? We would love to hear them.