Friday, April 16, 2010

Las Vegas Motel 6

I made reservations at Motel 6 for myself for my resent visit to Sin City. I didn't want to spend a whole lot on my room so I could have more money to throw away doing other stuff, like having a girl come to my room and take all her clothes off, like a strip club in the privacy of my own room. That's what's up, right?
Well, that isn't what happened. The girl came to my room, I thought she was totally hot and definitely wanted to see her with no clothes on. I gave her the initial fee, she started to strip when there was a knock on my door, it was security. I asked them what they wanted? They said I had a prostitute in my room and she would have to leave. "WHAT?" I absolutely did NOT have a prostitute in my room. I had a totally nude adult entertainer who wanted to get totally nude for me, but they fucked my groove up. I asked them to leave us be, they were mistaken. They opened my room door and asked her for her ID I could NOT believe this was happening to us, they were saying shit like, "you can go to jail for having her in here doing things that are illegal in Clark County" They said that Metro was in route to the motel and if she didn't leave immediately she would be going to jail.
I ask you this.......Why cant I have visitors in my room at any time? Are you my daddy? If we were headed to dinner with friends and had some time to kill before hand, so we stayed in my room, would security let themselves in and ask for her ID? They charge additional fees for additional people in the room, even if they are just coming to pick me up for dinner, not sleeping over, not taking a nap, just killing some time before dinner? Really?